Importing a GetMsSqlDump sql file

first post: isosadam wrote: This works great invoked from a Jenkins build step, however, I'm le...

Quotes Missing

first post: ntxdba wrote: I am unable to get my columns types that equate to System.String to...

latest post: dwierenga wrote: FYI, this is fixed by my [patch](

Schedule Task for Remote Server

first post: vikasumit wrote: Hello,I am pretty new to PowerShell and doesn't know how can I sche...


first post: fmorriso wrote: (*** SORRRY ABOUT THE MESSED UP POST - I CANNOT SEEM TO GET IT TO F...

Optional GO after each set of INSERT's

first post: fmorriso wrote: In addition to my other change, I added the following line after cu...

VALUES() should be written as VALUES();

first post: fmorriso wrote: Line 329, which reads as follows:$vals = $insertheader + ($vals -re...

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